Alfalfa - Vernal

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Vernal Alfalfa is a reliable and hardy alfalfa variety that has been around for many years, making it one of the older varieties available. It is known for its drought tolerance and winter hardiness. This cool season grower is ideal for hay production on dryland or in alfalfa/grass mixtures to be hayed or grazed. It has a deep root system and is adapted to a range of soil types. A popular choice for ranch plantings and pasture mixes.


  • Best suited for northern climates
  • Deep-rooted and drought-tolerant
  • Adapts to a range of soil types with a pH between 6.4-7.5
  • Fall Dormancy: 2.0
  • Winter Survival: 2.5

Seeding Information:

  • Seeding Rate for Good Soil, Adequate Moisture: 15-20 lbs/acre
  • Seeding Rate for Light Soil, Dry conditions: 12-15 lbs/acre
  • Seeding Depth: no more than a half inch