Festulolium - Spring Green

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A premium long-lived perennial forage, Spring Green Festulolium is a perfect blend of fescue and tetraploid ryegrass. With a deep and robust root system, it excels in harsh conditions such as drought and cold, making it ideal for regions with cool temperatures and humidity. Not only does it have high palatability and excellent nutritional levels, but it also has quick germination and fast establishment, making it a top-performing forage choice for grazing, haying or green chopping. Spring Green Festulolium is also well-suited for a wide range of climates and can be mixed with other grasses and legumes for optimal results, making it the perfect forage for all types of livestock.


  • Germinates quickly leading to faster establishment
  • Easily digestible and highly palatable
  • Deep rooted
  • Tolerates wide range of stresses
  • 2-3 year life span on average

Seeding Specifications:

  • Seed Rate for New Pastures: 25-30 lbs./acre
  • Seed Rate for Overseeding or in Mixes: 15-20 lbs./acre
  • Planting Depth: 1/8 in. to 3/8 in.